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HIV infection among Chinese hemophilia patients
the Hemophilia Home of China     2004-5-23 13:09:32


HIV infection among Chinese hemophilia patients

D Kong

HHC, Shanghai, China

Contact e-mail: delin@xueyou.org


Shanghai Institute of Biological Products produced more 200,000 vials of Factor VIII concentrate which had no viral inactivated process during 1970's to 1995 by clients over 10,000. In 1998, a report on a newspaper showed that a hemophilia boy got HIV infection in Shanghai, China. In 1999, by my effort, I found 4 patients in Shanghai proved HIV positive and I reported this issue to local government but unnoticed. In 2000, I found 9 hemophilia patients got HIV and asked for help from government but no active action was taken by local government and central government. In 2001, by a sit-in organized by me and other patients, Shanghai government agreed to give infected patients HARRT and other treatment free of charge. In 2002-2003, from internet chatting and contact, I found more than 20 patients with HIV out of Shanghai. In Nov.2003, by support of Beijing Aizhixing Health Education Institute, 2 patients and I went to Beijing, the capital of China, seeking for the help from mass media. Following that, more than 12 domestic newspapers and TV Stations have had reports on the HIV infection among Chinese hemophilia patients. The Ministry of Health has now been in a process of outlining a schedule to deliver care for the infected. A program is carried out on National Safety on blood bank and blood products. Hotline and email list are 24 hours on. Meeting to government officials and mass media are the routine work for our group to wake up the awareness of safety on blood and its products. We firmly believe that the tragic happened in 1980's at The West among Hemophilia community re-occurred in 1990's has same reason and because of lacking of an active organization on this field, the tragic happened was certainly. Limited by resource, we have many ideas and programs cannot be carried out for whole people's health. We also insist on look for suitable persons to join in our team. And to attract the mass media attention is one of vital key in our movement.



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