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Hemophilia Home of China (HHC) (The hemophilia patients Sodality of China) is a patient group which was formed spontaneously in September of 2000 and supported by Hematology Institute of National Science Academy of China in Tianjin which, in behalf of China, became a NMO of WFH in 1990. Relaying on the website of www.xueyou.org, it enthusiastically promotes to delivery cares to Chinese hemophilia patients according to its goal of “by all means of efforts to enhance the living quality of all Chinese patients”. The current working areas are:

Collecting patients data
2.      Education in hemophilia care
fundraising and aid to patients in need
4.      In assistance to hospitals in prevent and treatment of hemophilia
Publicity and appealing

There are nearly 2,800 members in the group distributing in 30 provinces in China.

Although HHC has been in existing only several years, it has received support and care from various aspects, including WFH, L.I.G.H.T. Canadian Hemophilia Society, Hematology Institute in Tianjin, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Nanfang Hospital in Guangzhou, and Peking Union Medical College Hospital etc.


Yuguang Chu, President, Email: yuguang@xueyou.org
Zikai Huang, VP, Email: zikai@xueyou.org
Tao Guan, General Secretary,Email: guantao@xueyou.org
Lixin Wang, Executive board member, Email: lixin@xueyou.org